High Noon in Monsoon

  • 20 Jan 2021
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An Ode to My Favourite Season


Jump, skip, run and hop,

In tandem with the infinite raindrops.

There is so much fun to be had,

Forget all the things that make you feel bad.

Bring down the rain,

Release your pain.

Flood all imaginary fears down a drain,

Bestow some insanity on those mighty sane.


There is nothing to be lost and nothing to gain,

It’s all a never-ending and forever changing circular chain.

Our minds we tend to over-strain,

Free yourself from this bane.

Let your spirit soar,

To match the clouds’ uproar.

Dance happily in the downpour,

Why does two and two always have to make four.


Rejoice the bleached-out sky,

Sometimes there is no need don’t ask why.

Live each day by and by,

Happiness will come to all and sundry.

Worry not about time,

Ignore the clock’s ever reminding chime.

In flights of fantasy be sublime,

Find your own rhythm to rhyme.


Be kind to your mind,

For such freedom is only one of its kind.

Leave all your worries behind,

A true friend within yourself, you will find.

Tango with the Sparrow,

Dump all sorrow in the lost luggage section in Heathrow.

Live life as if there is no tomorrow, 

For we never know.


Let yourself just simply be,

In this present moment of possibility.

Embrace the exuberance,

That comes after the endurance,

Outlasting the turbulence.

Accept the expanse of your consciousness in the true sense,

Breathing will be much easier hence.


Tune up the thunder,

To Mother Nature’s beauty and generosity surrender.

Forget your many a blunder,

Appreciate the Universe in all its mystic splendor.

To Mother Nature’s bounty you sure have access,

Do not abuse it with wasteful excess.

Cause She open-heartedly makes your life better with her soothing caress,

Be considerate, be grateful and provide relief to her current duress.


Enjoy the prolonged Monsoon,

Sit back and connect with the Red Moon.

Life begins and ends too soon,

Every breath is a blessed boon.

To life’s unfathomable melody kroon,

Doesn’t matter whether you were born in January, December or June.


For the darkest hour is just before the brilliant dawn,

So why fret and fawn.

Move past all the done thats and has beens,

Zoom your imagination beyond the seams with keen.

In the event of many an epiphany,

Conjure up something truly uncanny.

Break past the hold of melios,

And forge ahead beyond the horizons of helios.


Each moment is a quantum of life,

Empty out of it, any pitiful strife.

Rejoice in the midst of the newborn leafy green,

Make merry in the festivities of the Fairy Queen.

Open your heart to the purest truth in a trice,

And complete the circle of life.


Explore the mysteries within you à la Coraline,

All that exists never was, is or ever going to be yours or mine.

Relish the sweet with the saline,

And don’t take it personally when Clementine doesn’t to be your Valentine.

All is transient, so you will be fine.


Holding what we hold to our hearts near,

Detached from loss and fear.

Is either a state of enigmatic enlightenment

Or innate insanity.

It’s always been the latter in my case, my dear,

For when my gaze to the world I hold up high,

Funny, that you haven't ever noticed it before,

In the gleaning glint of my eye?

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