On The Job

Driven by insatiable curiosity, the love of learning and a passion for technology; Gautami’s artistic core centres upon creating and capturing moments of beauty in the unlikeliest of places at the most unexpected of times to create the most unexpectedly delightful experiences for the audiences.

As a Director of Photography, her recent work includes the Indian Virtual Launch Event for John Deere Tractors. One of the first hybrid virtual production shoots in India; involving live-action that was integrated with hyper realistic virtual sets in real-time, using the Unreal Engine Ecosystem on-location.

She has filmed commercials and branded content for brands like Mercedes-Benz, L'Oréal, John Deere, Unilever, Nestlé, Redbull, Asus, Abbott, Oreo, Glenlivet, Miss World, Master Chef, Tata Docomo, Jabong, and Tanishq; to name a few. And has shot for production houses like Rajkumar Hirani Films, Luv Films and Clean Slate Films, among others.

In 2021, she graduated from Epic Games Unreal Engine Virtual Production Women Creators Program Fellowship (WCP) and participated in the American Society of Cinematographers’ Masterclasses on Hybrid Virtual Production.

As a DP and an avid UE user; Gautami leverages her unique perspective, her precise yet versatile VP skillset and her transferable live-action skills to creatively and technically ensure the success of the hybrid VP projects she is currently working on alongside her live-action work. And hopefully ICVFX ones in the near future.

She is the Cinematography Mentor for WCP-2, where she is teaching the creators how to think in visuals, understand the visual nuances of film-making and guiding them on how to create visually stunning films using Unreal Engine 5. Gautami is also simultaneously training a team of VFX artists to work with the Unreal Engine Ecosystem for Virtual Production and ICVFX at Digital District India. And is being trained by Epic Games to become an Unreal Authorised Instructor as well.

The stories that she works best with; often demand emotionally resonant, lucid, textural, unconventional and visceral visuals; which encourage viewers to truly ponder on the nature of their reality, thereby highlighting the elusive essence of the collective human perspective.

Gautami is keen on lensing technically complex projects with challenging narratives for innovative storytellers, beloved brands and big businesses; which require immersive and emotive imagery that blurs the line between the real and unreal.

On the rare occasions when she is not on a film set; she is busy immersing herself into the Metaverse with an emphasis on holographic videography, gaming, virtual/ augmented/ extended reality and mixed-media cinematography and storytelling.

And she loves sharing her knowledge of the Unreal Engine through teaching and mentoring.

Work Profile